Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ode to Runny Noses

Ode to Runny Noses
by Eli Creek
Age: 10 Months
Translated from baby speak by his mom and dad.

Oh thou stream of glistening snot,
I like to taste you quite a lot.
I want to taste you every day,
From October until May.
My mom, she wishes you would go,
But me, I do not want it so.
Your salty taste and luscious feel,
I want to have you every meal,
Instead of breakfast, lunch or dinner,
I prefer the constant shimmer,
Me, I have but one small gripe,
It's when my parents use a wipe.
They steal away thy precious glow,
From descent to mouth below.
But you shall return at my next sneeze,
with every passing winter breeze.

More Eli Pics

 Ronald and Eli, this was not planned.


Eli often sleeps like this. 

 Trying to get picture of new teeth!

 One of his messier meals...

Attempting the stairs. 

 If only I could open doors...

Baby treadmill. 

 Eli loves anything resembling a tunnel!


At least one of them is happy that they made it to the 'Y' 

Jon and AJ, and two tired babies. 

Bathtime beard. 


1st Spaghetti 


I have better hairstyles than dad! 

Future climber. 

He chewed off the crib railing protector... and was pretty darn happy. 

1st Marshmallow


Some cute pictures of Eli...